Tegene Kunbi

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Tessellations through time

Galerie Dutko,
Paris, France

Following the completion of Tegene's residency at Galerie DUTKO / Ile Saint-Louis, his inaugural solo exhibition in France, titled "Tessellations Through Time," provided an opportunity to explore the chromatic dynamism of his paintings through some fifteen recent works.

Tegene Kunbi, painting is at once a sacred ritual, a chromatic communion and a quest for spirituality. Created between 2022 and 2023, this new series of canvases is characterized by the permanence of a strong geometric framework, delimiting registers of intense, thickly applied colors. Hues, shapes, and textures interact with each other, dialoguing organically and telling cross-cultural stories that explore questions of legacy and cultural identity, as well as spirituality.

courtesy Galerie Dutko.

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